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iPhone 6 Concept Sports Appealing Three-Sided Display

iPhone 5s which was released and people started thinking about iPhone 6 and its features.Apple a well known and best feature presenting mobile company,has presented many concept phones which are beyond peoples imagination. Each time Apple launch a new brand we find  different features and ideas that are not  present in the previous one's.The latest concept of Apple with Three sided display is certainly making its round on the internet.

The idea of Three sided iphone 6 concept phone which is pointed out by most of thr people aroundthe world is difficult to build. But the rumour of Samsung being releasing a smart phone in which edgesare covere with its the concept designer of Apple ( Iskander Utebayev ) decdided to give a try as well.

Most probably this type of phones may never be released.But it gives us a glimpse of how a phone of such features would be.The glow and colour  of it would definitely attract every one. If Apple creates such phone then the number who like it would be beyond their ecpectation. In case if get any mobile of such features, here is a small clip for you. Watch Here

The most striking feature is its 3D sensor vision feature.Apple has acquired Primesense, which include first Kinetic Xbox 360 accessory  This technology may also be implemented in iPhone 6.This features facilitates the user to take pictures of any object ant get information  regarding the size ant the weight of the object and also can be used for advertising.

Screen size:

iphone 6 screen size may range from 4.5 - 6 inches. Apple would have been kicking itself for its 3.5 inches screen for iPhone 5 and 5 inch for 5S. This screen size may compete with most of its
Android rivals. They are trying to implement a 5 inch Retina  with IGZO screen which is sharp that makes the  display look thinner ,clear and bright.

Processor :

A7 processor was included in the iPhone 5S ,this is 40 % faster than A6 and a new motion tracker M7 co-processor.This tracks the movement of user. we can find the same features in iPhone 6 .

The significant update in camera with 15 %larger sensor and dual LED flash.Slow motion video,Tru Tone flash firing and Burst Mode are also the new featured software development.we might see a 13 megapixel sensor that would replace a 8 megapixel features for 5S and 5.

Operating System :

iPhone 6 may come up with new operating system . This time it may be iOS 8.As iOs 7 gave much visual  effect ,Apple will not be re-inventing it again.

 Storage Capacity:

Have you seen a 128GB memory storage mobile. This time you might see this .As Apple is trying  to include this in iPhone 6.

Wireless Charging system :

Wireless charging system ? is it possible ?  yes,it will and Apple is saying that we will  show how to do this . So lets wait and see what more features and softwares are included in iPhone 6 .Are you ready ? then wait till 2014 April .

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