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A Flex Phone Would Be the Best Phone

The concept of smart watches is hot right now  as per the present generation  people are turning towards latest technologies These are very much attracting the people  and even people are also showing Much intrest to buy them without considering there cost .The people who loves latest gadgets  for them here is a good news for them . ok lets now come to straight point   here  as you can see  in  below images  latest trending  smart watch  and it is designed by the  "jeabun yeon"

He discovered the missing link between our transition from handheld smartphones to smart watches. Design wise the idea was to stray away from anything that might be remotely phone-like  but instead to merge the benefits of both why people have to choose one when you can have both ??
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As you can see the screen shots of this trending watch and its look pretty good as we see the this watch designing is very different  and tempting  too  and the designer  Jeabyun Yeon  named it as "Limbo "  The limbo however is quite different if we compare with existing one's

Limbo has a different Flexible smartphone concept for next generation

 Limbo is corresponding to the smartphone that is bent quite freely by using various materials and technology together with flexible display .

 This smartphone provides better usability and new lifestyle in the extension of existing smartphone.

Tech specifications
Limbo provides screens of suitable sizes when using various applications of existing smartphone and mounting in wrists at the optimum space coming on the one hand through "4.3/16:9 WSVGA AMOLED "flexible display and 6mm thickness

Details about Limbo

 In relation with Limbo Master button(Home Button+power button) and volume one are provided and 2 button is offered to the place where  comfortable uses are possible by condensing existing 3 button when using the watch type.

latest technologies reviews

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Limbo availability in 5 color blue
latest technologies reviews
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This product has also have a watch types and smart healthcare and enjoying various and new lifestyles that can be offered from wrists are possible by utilizing divers sensors including smarpthobes motion sensor etc when mounting it on the wrist.

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