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How to make a fake, prank virus Shutdown in Windows 7.

Lets fallow the simple steps....

1.Right click and select shortcut option on your Desktop or laptop screen.

2.And Then  a new window will appear with name "Create shortcut" and it will ask you to type the location of the item:  in that type the below code .

Code :  shutdown -s -t 30 -c "VIRUS DETECTED!".

The code for the shutdown prank virus is   ; shutdown -s -t 30- c "VIRUS DETECTED!" - you can change the message in the quotation marks to what you want and you can change 30 to any number you want. (30 means 30 seconds you have to wait 'till the computer shuts down)

Note:Don't remove the double quotation marks within the  message sentence. message should be enclosed with double quotation marks.

3.After Typing the code Then Click next button in the "Create shortcut window".

4.Then Final step is "Type a name for shortcut" in the Create Shortcut window and click "finish".
5.Now double click on the shortcut icon ( You have created) .And it will show you a window with message like in my case it will show "VIRUS DETECTED!" and after that your pc will shutdown automatically based on your time which you have specified in the shortcut window .

         That's it your Done..!

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