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Seo Step By Step Instructions

To get results as quickly as possible, you must do the right things in the right order:
 Just follow the simple steps for better search engine optimization .....
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STEP 1: Find the best keywords

STEP 2: Optimize your web pages

STEP 3: Optimize your backlinks
STEP 4: Submit your website


1.Why you need to target the correct keywords.

pointless to optimize your sites for keywords that nobody searches for in addition ,the keywords that you simply use in your optimization campaign should attractive the correct kind of guests
if your target the incorrect ,your web site promotion efforts are vainly and you may waste plenty of your time and money .

2.How to choose the correct keywords.

There area unit 3 completely different keywords types:keywords for browsing.keywords for comparing and keywords for getting.

Keywords for comparing area unit sometimes the keywords that wrok best for programme
optimization .people who use that keyword sort area unit yearning for a solution to their problem and that they area unit able to get.To get result with your programme optimization efforts.
you should focus on that keyword sort,

Most people use a two four word phrase in an exceedingly search .so phrases area unit very effective .single words can't be
promoted effectively because they are not very targeted.internet users United Nations agency use four words searches area unit additional likely to get goods or services than those mistreatment fewer words.

3.This can happen if you choose the incorrect keywords .

if you target the incorrect keywords you may lose time and money,
You will invest plenty of your time in optimization your webpages for keywords that your web site cannot get high
ranking at the instant .or you will invest plenty of your time in optimizing your sites for keywords that don't convert to sales

 it's vital that you simply choose the correct keywords that lead to high programme ranking and sales . Makes certain that you simply choose the proper keyword sort.


1.Why is it important to optimize your web pages ?
By optimizing your web tell search engines for which keywords you want to be found.
if you do not optimize your web pages . then search engines wont list your website or they will list it for the wrong keywords.
optimizing your web pages makes sure that your website can get high ranking for the keywords of your choice

2.How to optimize your web pages.
High ranking on Google and other search engines are the result of optimized web page content and good backlinks.Start with optimizing your web pages content.
By optimizing your web pages content, you tell search engines for which keywords you want to be found.
Search engines can only give your web pages a high ranking for a certain keyword if your web page is relevant to that keywords .Make sure that your web pages don't have major html code errors that prevent search engines from indexing your site .
You should optimize at least six different pages of your website for different but related keywords 
Do not optimize the same page for more than one or two keywords phrases .the more pages you optimize the better.

3.WHAT CAN HAPPEN IF YOU DO NOT OPTIMIZE YOUR WEB PAGES?   if you do not optimize your web pages.then search engines might not be able to index your addition search engines might not be able to find out what your web pages are about  if your optimize only one web page of your site then it will be very diffcult to get high search engine rankings, search engines take your complete website into account .if you have many web pages that are optimized for different but related keywords than search engines will think that your web pages are relevant to a certain topic.

Relevant web pages get better search engine ranking .for that reason you should optimize as many pages as possible for different but related but related keywords .
Some html errors can prevent search engines form indexing your web pages.if your web pages  have such an html error .you wont get listed on search engines because search engines cannot index your pages .for that is also important to check that html code of your pages.

1.Links area unit one the foremost vital factors for top computer programme is impracticable to urge high search engine ranking while not sensible backlinks !
The idea behind this idea is that search engines assume that your web {site} should be vital if several alternative web site link to your site . several alternative niche websites links to your diary by giving anchor text example:comment
if your diary is with high page rank there\'ll be a pleasant web site therefore in all probability they get higher in computer programme rank
in case if one area unit 2 websites area unit optimized with same keyword then the page with the nice backlinks can get highest search ranking are.
if quite  one web site has been optimized for constant keyword then. the page can get the simplest backlinks can get the best computer programme rankings.

  2.How to Optimize your backlinks
High ranking on Google and alternative search engines area unit the results of optimized website content and sensible backlinks.
 you wish  to get high computer programme rankings.
The number of links alone isn\'t enough to boost your computer programme rankings. it\'s vital issue is  that the opposite web sites area unit connected  to your website.
if the links to your websites embody your vital keywords within the link text.then its easier to urge high ranking for these keywords

if the links to your website embody your keywords.then search engines can assume that your web site should be relevant for these keywords,


1.why do you have to submit your website?
  By submitting your website to look engines you invite search engines to go to your web site.
   You raise search engines to require a glance at your pages.

2. the way to submit your website correctly?
  Google permits you to submit your web site to look engines .internet directories and special intrest website vortal or vertical portals. solely submit your {website|web website} to the proper classes in web directories and solely submit your web site to a special intrest site if the location matches the subject of your web site
 don't sumbmit your web site if you don't have your own name or if your name is simply a redirection of another domain .Do not submit multiple domains that cause identical internet house.

3. What will happen if you are doing not submit your website correctly?

 after you submit your websites to look engines, you invite search engines spiders to go to your web content.That doesn't mean that your web site can get high program rankings,
  if you probably did not optimize your web content.its pointless to submit your web site to look engines.You wont get high rankings if your web content don\'t seem to be program prepared.
  if you don't use your own name if your web site is hosted by an  unreliable internet host then it\'s doubtless that your web site won\'t be listed on search engines.if the submitted web site uniform resource locator is simply a redirection or a welcome page then its conjointly like that search engines wont index your web site.

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