Real Seo and Facebook Secretes Revealed

5 Minute Business (Recommended)

An inspiring, practical guide to bringing any online business idea to life.

6 reasons to read:

Prove it to yourself.
Create a lifelong asset
Become an influencer
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Banner Ad Masterclass Mini Groupon Profits

Banner Ad Masterclass

This system is all about result and how to get more money.Banner Ad Masterclass is the most advanced system for getting EPC > CPC and then turning up the knob on the traffic.
And I show you how to do it from the absolute beginning.

The first time you are able to turn $100 profit into $500 and then $1000 and you turn up that knob, you’ll get addicted to it.

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Mini Groupon Profits
How to become a mini groupon and easily make $100, $200 or even $500 per day.
I will show you:

How to build local email lists quickly, cheaply and easily.
How to develop incredible buzz around your offers.
How to automate getting these deals set up with business owners.
How to streamline everything so you get to profit quicker.
Little-known insider tricks and tips along the way.
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Authority Blogging Breakthrough,PBN Nova,Autopilot Commission Blueprint

Discover how to make over $100/Day faster than you ever thought possible even if you never rank in Google. I only go over the techniques I personally use to generate thousands every single month.
There is no theory here, just methods that have been proven to work over and over again.

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Autopilot Commission Blueprint

Discover the powerful techniques that successful and respected internet marketers use to produce large commissions on autopilot.
Even beginners will be able to use this blueprint to quickly earn their first commissions online.
Learn how to instantly transform a visitor into a lifetime customer who buys from you again and again.
How to build your whole business from the ground up using free tools.

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PBN Nova

Learn how to rank #1 on Google using the power of private blog networks. With my PBN Nova course you will learn:

How to rank on the first page of Google in 30 days or less.
How to dominate any niche you enter.
Get an avalanche of traffic to any site you want.
How to set up your blog network on a budget with just a few minutes of work.

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How I got top 10 SERPS in 24 hours for a 40k phrase monthly

How I got top 10 SERPS in 24 hours for a 40k phrase monthly....
Created a social media traffic exchange site 24 hours ago.
Step 1:
Looked up keyword phrases for "get more followers" in google keyword.
Found a phrase called "earn more followers" got 40,000 monthly searches.
Did a domain search and found this .com was not taken.
Bought the domain 24 hours ago on the 2/14/2012
Step 2:
Installed the script (took 10 minutes)
Changed the title to the keyword phrase.
Changed the description to the keyword phrase with a few other keyword phrases added after that.

Added some unique content on the index file (just a few sentences) and made sure to say the keyword phrase a few times.
Step 3:
This is the key part.
USED TWITTER and I used Twitter EXCLUSIVELY to blast this site out. Created multiple accounts and followed a bunch of people. I also have 3 twitter accounts with over 20,000 followers in each and did a few tweets from these accounts.
I got over 1500 hits in 24 hours and got 40 signups. 1 sale.
SERPS results:

#1 in yahoo for "earn more followers"
#7 in google for "earn more followers"

That's how it's done

How To Get 5 .gov Backlink Free !

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Get 4000 Unique Visitors Free Of Cost For Your Blog Or Website

Get 4000 Unique Visitors Free Of Cost For Your Blog Or Website
Hello guys this is Abdul Wahab and today i’m going to share How To Get Daily 4000 Visitor To Your
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Get 10K Fans - Start Using Facebook to Boost Revenue

Brian Moran - Get 10K Fans - Start Using Facebook to Boost Revenue

Step #1 is getting your fan page setup to draw in new prospects, leads, and customers. And wed like to show you how

Need Free Traffic
Our course Easy Status Updates shows you how to properly use your fan pages timeline to drives hundreds of visitors back to your site each day, for free.

Need More Opt-Ins
The Double Your List report shows you how to use your fan page to collect new opt-ins right from Facebook so you can build your list even faster.

Need Facebook Ads
Our #1 Rated FB Ads course, Facebook Ads Academy shows you how to setup profitable facebook ad campaigns, with less than $25 per day to spend.

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Easiest Method of All Time - US and Canada only

This method is for US and Canada only. Don't try to game the system because you'll end up wasting your time. I made $250 this week making less than 10 Kijiji ads (you can use Craigslist if you want or its more popular in your area), and I got paid to my Paypal 2 weeks later. And for a Canadian, $250 USD is pretty sweet.

Select a popular electronic, I selected the Nintendo Wii and went to Kijiji to post an ad. They usually go for $60-100 so I posted it for $40 to get attention. Be somewhat believable in your price. In the description I said that I won it at a contest at a baby shower/stag and doe/work function/etc. As for the picture, go on eBay and get a good looking picture, not some stock one from Google.

Depending on your city and how many ads it gets for that category, you'll get quite a lot of cheap people.

When they email you, you say "Sorry but I already sold the Nintendo Wii. I actually found out my boss got it from [insert affiliate link] for free like the cheap ass that he is, but yea I'm sorry I don't have it anymore"

That affiliate link is where people can get a Nintendo Wii for free, all they have to do is sign up, complete a sponsor offer like GoDaddy and then they have to refer 5 friends to do the same. You can also let your conscience rest because it does actually work, I got my PS3 and 360 Elite like that way back in the day. The guys who own the site make money on commission and people who complete an offer but can't find people to refer or that give up.

They send me $250 PayPal for 5 people because you can choose PayPal option or you can choose a free Wii, or a Wii with 2 controllers, etc. But who wants a Wii when you can get money instead. Read their terms and conditions so you follow the rules because some idiots will refer their friends on their own computer and not read that it's 1 account per IP so don't go referring your sister if she lives with you.

I'm moving on to the HDTV ads now so it's more money. They've got sites for all kinds of electronics. Haven't checked for PS4 or Xbox One yet.

If you're not from Canada or the US, you can give people your Amazon affiliate links which will make you some money but 4% is nothing when $250 divided by 5 sign ups is $50 commission.

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How To Earn More Money At Bubblews ?

Now Bubblews is the hot topic all over the Internet due to it’s high paying and easy way to earn passive income. A few months ago I received an email from one of my friend asking me to join the paid to write website bubblews. I joined bubblews and earned a few dollars on the very first day of joining. The thing which makes bubblews unique over other online earning websites is it’s easy earning method and social touch. Now it inspired me to write a bubblews review , because I have earned around $250 with in the span of two months from bubblews.
Another good thing of bubblews is there are no restrictions for writing, So you can write anything that comes to your mind and there are no guidelines too. All these advantages motivated me to write a blog post with a title ‘ Bubblews review ‘ and this post could change many lives of internet money hunters

What Is Bubblews ?

Bubblews is a paid to write program that pays their users for writing on anything that comes to their mind and note that high quality english is not required for writing in bubblews.

As I already said bubblews is quit different from other paid to write websites, because you don’t need to have an adsense account to earn from bubblews. Their earning system is very clear as they are currently paying $0.01 for each page view , like and comment you receive to your posts. Don’t worry about the earnings because the people at bubblews are very good and they will like or comment in your posts If you do the same favor to them. So Far I worked at bubblews for almost two months and Earned around $250 for my work and writings. As I am a part time worker at bubblews and posted only 3 to 4 articles a day, I was not capable to generate much income from them. But you can at least make around $300 per month easily by working for six hours a day at bubblews.

Bubblews Post Guidelines :

As I already said there are no strict rules and terms at bubblews, but recently they announced some guidelines to avoid the spam. Following those guidelines is extremely easy, So I totally ignored them, but you have to check them below.

Bubblews Post Length :

This is a new rule from bubblews and following this post length rule is very easy. Anyhow each of your bubblews posts should have a minimum of 400 characters and you are bound to follow this to receive any payment from them. I think this is not at all hard to write a blog post with 400 characters as it is just three times than a SMS message.

Bubblews Daily Post Limit :

I am very unhappy to write this paragraph because I have not agreed with this post limit rule of bubblews. In bubblews, you are allowed to write only ten posts in a day. They launched this rule to avoid the spam created by their new users and expected to lift this rule later this year. Anyhow writing 10 posts in a day at bubblews is not as easy as you think, because it’s a huge time consuming process.

Bubblews Earnings And Payments :

As I already said bubblews pays 1 cent for each page view, like/dislike and comments that your post generates. Currently there are no referral earning system and they pays only 1 cent for each new user you refer to bubblews. But in some occasions and festive days they offer a bonus amount for referring new people and It would be in between $0.15 to $0.50 for each referral.

To make redemption or payout from bubblews, You need to reach the minimum threshold of $50 .

 Tips To Earn More From bubblews :

These are the very important techniques to learn for earning more dollars at bubblews. So just follow the below tips and Earn more from your posts.

- Connect with as many as other bubblews users and eventually they will follow your posts.

- Share your posts in every social networking websites such as facebook,twitter and linkedIn .

- Share your posts in your blog and other blog directories.

- Learn SEO and write great posts to get huge traffic from Search Engines.

My Final Bubblews Review :

Bubblews is a wonderful website and So far I made $250 for writing them. The good thing about bubblews is you don’t require any writing skills to write for them and It is the best opportunity for new bloggers and writers. If you are a newbie Join bubblews and existing users can comment their experience with bubblews. This is bubblews review and I wrote it with my personal experience.

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Directory submission is the most powerful Dofollow Backlink for website or Blog site. RSS Feed Directory, Blog Submission Directory and Article Submission Directory  are increase your site traffic and page ranking. If you want to more traffic and page rank for your website or blog site must be increase  Dofollow Backlink. Directory Submission is quality dofollow backlink. I have enlisted free high page rank  directory submission sites list.

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