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How To Earn More Money At Bubblews ?

Now Bubblews is the hot topic all over the Internet due to it’s high paying and easy way to earn passive income. A few months ago I received an email from one of my friend asking me to join the paid to write website bubblews. I joined bubblews and earned a few dollars on the very first day of joining. The thing which makes bubblews unique over other online earning websites is it’s easy earning method and social touch. Now it inspired me to write a bubblews review , because I have earned around $250 with in the span of two months from bubblews.
Another good thing of bubblews is there are no restrictions for writing, So you can write anything that comes to your mind and there are no guidelines too. All these advantages motivated me to write a blog post with a title ‘ Bubblews review ‘ and this post could change many lives of internet money hunters

What Is Bubblews ?

Bubblews is a paid to write program that pays their users for writing on anything that comes to their mind and note that high quality english is not required for writing in bubblews.

As I already said bubblews is quit different from other paid to write websites, because you don’t need to have an adsense account to earn from bubblews. Their earning system is very clear as they are currently paying $0.01 for each page view , like and comment you receive to your posts. Don’t worry about the earnings because the people at bubblews are very good and they will like or comment in your posts If you do the same favor to them. So Far I worked at bubblews for almost two months and Earned around $250 for my work and writings. As I am a part time worker at bubblews and posted only 3 to 4 articles a day, I was not capable to generate much income from them. But you can at least make around $300 per month easily by working for six hours a day at bubblews.

Bubblews Post Guidelines :

As I already said there are no strict rules and terms at bubblews, but recently they announced some guidelines to avoid the spam. Following those guidelines is extremely easy, So I totally ignored them, but you have to check them below.

Bubblews Post Length :

This is a new rule from bubblews and following this post length rule is very easy. Anyhow each of your bubblews posts should have a minimum of 400 characters and you are bound to follow this to receive any payment from them. I think this is not at all hard to write a blog post with 400 characters as it is just three times than a SMS message.

Bubblews Daily Post Limit :

I am very unhappy to write this paragraph because I have not agreed with this post limit rule of bubblews. In bubblews, you are allowed to write only ten posts in a day. They launched this rule to avoid the spam created by their new users and expected to lift this rule later this year. Anyhow writing 10 posts in a day at bubblews is not as easy as you think, because it’s a huge time consuming process.

Bubblews Earnings And Payments :

As I already said bubblews pays 1 cent for each page view, like/dislike and comments that your post generates. Currently there are no referral earning system and they pays only 1 cent for each new user you refer to bubblews. But in some occasions and festive days they offer a bonus amount for referring new people and It would be in between $0.15 to $0.50 for each referral.

To make redemption or payout from bubblews, You need to reach the minimum threshold of $50 .

 Tips To Earn More From bubblews :

These are the very important techniques to learn for earning more dollars at bubblews. So just follow the below tips and Earn more from your posts.

- Connect with as many as other bubblews users and eventually they will follow your posts.

- Share your posts in every social networking websites such as facebook,twitter and linkedIn .

- Share your posts in your blog and other blog directories.

- Learn SEO and write great posts to get huge traffic from Search Engines.

My Final Bubblews Review :

Bubblews is a wonderful website and So far I made $250 for writing them. The good thing about bubblews is you don’t require any writing skills to write for them and It is the best opportunity for new bloggers and writers. If you are a newbie Join bubblews and existing users can comment their experience with bubblews. This is bubblews review and I wrote it with my personal experience.

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