Real Seo and Facebook Secretes Revealed

Easiest Method of All Time - US and Canada only

This method is for US and Canada only. Don't try to game the system because you'll end up wasting your time. I made $250 this week making less than 10 Kijiji ads (you can use Craigslist if you want or its more popular in your area), and I got paid to my Paypal 2 weeks later. And for a Canadian, $250 USD is pretty sweet.

Select a popular electronic, I selected the Nintendo Wii and went to Kijiji to post an ad. They usually go for $60-100 so I posted it for $40 to get attention. Be somewhat believable in your price. In the description I said that I won it at a contest at a baby shower/stag and doe/work function/etc. As for the picture, go on eBay and get a good looking picture, not some stock one from Google.

Depending on your city and how many ads it gets for that category, you'll get quite a lot of cheap people.

When they email you, you say "Sorry but I already sold the Nintendo Wii. I actually found out my boss got it from [insert affiliate link] for free like the cheap ass that he is, but yea I'm sorry I don't have it anymore"

That affiliate link is where people can get a Nintendo Wii for free, all they have to do is sign up, complete a sponsor offer like GoDaddy and then they have to refer 5 friends to do the same. You can also let your conscience rest because it does actually work, I got my PS3 and 360 Elite like that way back in the day. The guys who own the site make money on commission and people who complete an offer but can't find people to refer or that give up.

They send me $250 PayPal for 5 people because you can choose PayPal option or you can choose a free Wii, or a Wii with 2 controllers, etc. But who wants a Wii when you can get money instead. Read their terms and conditions so you follow the rules because some idiots will refer their friends on their own computer and not read that it's 1 account per IP so don't go referring your sister if she lives with you.

I'm moving on to the HDTV ads now so it's more money. They've got sites for all kinds of electronics. Haven't checked for PS4 or Xbox One yet.

If you're not from Canada or the US, you can give people your Amazon affiliate links which will make you some money but 4% is nothing when $250 divided by 5 sign ups is $50 commission.

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