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Hidden Feature of Movie On Windows 7 & 8 and Windows vista

Now  You can watch a ASCII star wars in your operating system . How ....?
Now i am  sharing cool and tricky a best windows trick .This is very simple trick i tried my self and i was shock by watching this hidden feature in my windows 7 . and now this  is your turn to try this .
Just fallow the simple steps to try this cool trick on your own .

1.Go to start ,Open Run .(only for windows users )
2 Now type "telnet" without the quotes and press ENTER.
Note:Users of Mac Os x and Linux can directly execute this code in the terminal window.


And For windows 8 ,windows 7 and windows vista users   have to check whether ,
Telnet is turned off by default in the latest versions of windows .so in order to watch star wars movie in your windows .you must first enable telnet by going to
 Cotrolpanel ->Programs ->Turn windows Feature on or Off .  by check and uncheck boxes both the telnet check boxes .After doing that ,follow the simple steps given  below

1. Now Go  to start ,Search in windows vista , windows 7 and On windows 8,Open the main Start page.
2. And Type Telnet and press ENTER.
3.In the following command prompt window ,type "O" without quotes and press ENTER .
4.Now type This text into the  window "" without quotes and press ENTER.

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 If you do not  need telnet anymore , you can turn it off .
and a  command prompt window like the one in the  above image will open with the movie being played in it.
see the movie yourself .
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