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How I got top 10 SERPS in 24 hours for a 40k phrase monthly

How I got top 10 SERPS in 24 hours for a 40k phrase monthly....
Created a social media traffic exchange site 24 hours ago.
Step 1:
Looked up keyword phrases for "get more followers" in google keyword.
Found a phrase called "earn more followers" got 40,000 monthly searches.
Did a domain search and found this .com was not taken.
Bought the domain 24 hours ago on the 2/14/2012
Step 2:
Installed the script (took 10 minutes)
Changed the title to the keyword phrase.
Changed the description to the keyword phrase with a few other keyword phrases added after that.

Added some unique content on the index file (just a few sentences) and made sure to say the keyword phrase a few times.
Step 3:
This is the key part.
USED TWITTER and I used Twitter EXCLUSIVELY to blast this site out. Created multiple accounts and followed a bunch of people. I also have 3 twitter accounts with over 20,000 followers in each and did a few tweets from these accounts.
I got over 1500 hits in 24 hours and got 40 signups. 1 sale.
SERPS results:

#1 in yahoo for "earn more followers"
#7 in google for "earn more followers"

That's how it's done

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