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Latest IOS 7 Tips and Tricks

IOS 7 new OS update provided by Apple for iPhone.Here are few tips and tricks one must know before updating IOS 7 on their mobile.We hope that you all know how to update to IOS 7.

Its was on 10-02-2013 by Simon Hill: Added features are
to Locate sections and control center,how to use touch ID,
find popular apps that are near to you,catering for kids,
find people & location ,how to lock when you lost your device,
creating wallpapers,AirDrop and Face time audio calls.

*Spotlight has been moved.In IOS 6 we swipe left to acces  the apps.But in IOS 7 you swipe down to access from any home screen.

*Automatic download and updates of the apps that are to be updated.

 GO to Setting>itunes & app store >Automatic Download to turn it on.

* Photos and videos of panorama create their own folders inside Albums.

* Photos can be accessed and navigated by Years > Collection >Moments through Photos app.

* 'Today tab' is added to Notification Center.which gives you complete  information that happened or happening on that day .

* Photos in Moments are listed according to date .Sharing of  all photos or only few from a specific moment is allowed.
 Click Share >Share this Moment.

* Photos app is provided with new the 'EDIT ' function . you can rotate,crop,enhance,filters adding,correct red eye to  any photo of your album.

Air Drop added to new IOS 7 .When two devices connected to same  WiFi network you can share your files directly with Air Drop.

Messaging includes Contact on the right at top,that allows you to call,know the information of caller and calling history.

Control center allows you to access the selected apps by  swiping from the bottom.This can be done when screen is locked.Apps marked with ashterisk (*) ,scrren resumes as locked when app is closed.

 => WiFi
 => Do not disturb
 => Screen brightness
 => Music
 => Airplay
 => TorchLight
 => calculator app*
 => Airplane mode
 => Bluetooth
 => Portrait orientation lock
 => AirDrop
 => Clock app*
 => Camera app*

* Blocking a caller and a number can be done.
  go to Contacts > Select a contact >Block this caller.
  blocked list user cannot contact you via:
 ~ phone call
 ~ text message
 ~ Facetime

*  Check block list then ,go to :
 ~ settings > phone > Blocked ,
 ~ Settings > Messages > Blocked ,
 ~ Settings > Facetime > Blocked.

App store includes Popular Near me and removes Genius .
  Popular near me gives the recommended popular
  local apps.

* Opened apps can be closed by double clicking the home screen.
  Drag The app up to remove it.

* changing voice option can be done.
  General > Settings >Siri > Voice Gender >Male.

* you can know how many hours you are local time is behind  or
  ahead of world timings using World clock.

*Find my phone require a password to turn it off.

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