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Neptune Pine - Smartwatch

Smartwatches that are extension of Smartphones,are growing in number now a days. This watches delivers you social news ,posts tweets ,messages emails and many more .2G/3G network,Bluetooth for sharing,WiFi for browsing,calling are also allowed 
with Pine.


810 mAh rechargable battery made of lithium polymer.Battery life is decent.It lasts upto 5 days on standby ,10 hours when playing music,talk time 8 hours, and maximum of 7 hours browsing on internet.Talk time depends on 2G network and Browsing on using WiFi.


5-megapixel rear facing camera ,VGA front-facing camera,LED flash.Self photography is allowed using front cam.LED flash light helps you to take self pictures even when there's no light available.This also allows you to video chat and call on 2.4 inch full colour display.

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An external camera can be added and removed.A Neptunes camera added to Pine allow you to shoot
in crystal clear, 720p HD video point of view (POV) camera. 


WiFi 802.11,GPS,Bluetooth 4.0,USB 2.0,Micro SIM.


2.4 inch TFT touch screen.
320x240 QVGA resolution.


512 MB RAM.
16 or 32 GB mass storage.
Up to 32GB storage capacity.This allows you to 
store and listen thousands of songs on your wrist smart watch and
gives you the information about the Album,Artist and tracks of the songs.


Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.
Jelly Bean the latest update of Android OS is the best OS Android  
ever had.This allows your Pine to run all the apps that 
exist and run on Android SmartPhones.


Qualcomm,Snapdragon S4 1.2GHz Dual-core ARM Cortex-A5.
Speed of processing is more than the required.Resuming and Switching to other apps can be done with in no time and 3D graphic apps and games also run. 


Keyboard is QWERTY one.Its is with google search engine. That helps you in searching your emails and text messages.

Sound and Alert:

Speaker,Microphone,vibration alert. Vibrations alert for Notifications.You can get an alert signal for all notifications ,important dates can be marked in the calendar.Alarm,notes and calculator are also allowed.


60.8 gms/2.14 ounces(Pine handset).
35.4 gms/1.24 ounces(Neptune wrist strap).

Recognition of Voice :

Recognition of voice helps in sending voiced text.Android provides a powerful voice input that helps in sending text,mails as voice.You can directly talk with Pine to make voice calls and texts.

Web experience

Browsing is similar to that of smartphone.Facebook,Twitter,Whatsapp can be accessed.Watching You tube videos,sending and receiving mails is same .Live updates and weather updates can be know day to day .

Fitness measurement

You can know your fitness level and the distance covered by 
you with GPS+Pedometer+Compass.This app track your
pace,steps,speed,time,location and calories required during journey. Other fitness tracking devices 
that are near to you can be paired .


GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850,900,1700,1900.
UMTS/HSPA/WCDMA 850,1700,1900,2100.
Supports over 80% of mobile operators that are world wide,
that includes AT&T,Vodafone,T-mobiles,O2,Orange,and Roger.

These are the few networks that are supported by Pine.Now have a Pine Smartwatch and enjoy the features of a Smartphone.

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