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Free Top 100 .Gov and Edu Sites to Increase pagerank

Edu sites to get backlinks
Backlinks plays a great role in deciding the future of a blog. If you have quality backlinks towards your blog then surely your blog's pagerank will increase and you get a lot of traffic from search engines. Getting a good pagerank is the ultimate goal of every blogger but it is a very difficult task also. We must know about the .gov and .edu domains which were setup by Government and Educational Institutes. If we get very few of .gov and .edu backlinks we can surely get a good pagerank as a reward from Google. In this tutorial, I listed Top 100 Free .Gov and .Edu sites to get backlinks and attain a good pagerank.

 How to Get the Backlinks:

To can get the backlinks by doing commenting, registering on their sites, Creating your own Profiles there etc.

Follow these tips while getting Backlinks -
1. Do not gain huge backlinks pointing to your site in less period of time because that will make Google that your site is spam and caught by Google.
2. Always try different Anchor Text while registering your site or blog.
3. Do not adopt backlinks from a low or bad website.

List of Top 100 .Gov and .Edu Sites:

Special Instructions:

After submitting your blog and commenting on above Sites then please ping servers via Pingomatic or Pingoat to search engines for fast results of building better backlinks.

So, these are the best free 100 sites to build .gov and .edu backlinks to attain a good Google Pagerank. It's your turn to share your views through comments till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Linking.

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