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How To Find Windows XP CD Key Inside CD

Best notepad tricks ,pc tricks Ever thought that the CD-Key of the Windows XP disc you were looking for was just Right Under you Nose. Lets see how easily you can get it…

To get the Windows XP CD key, you have to do the following steps.

1. Bring your Windows XP CD and insert it into your computer's CD/DVD ROM/ RAM.

2. Now, browse your Windows XP CD and find the folder I386.

3. Inside I386 folder, find the file named as unattended.txt.

4. Open unattended.txt by using notepad.

5. At last, keep scrolling of the opened file and you will get Windows XP CD key.

To me, it’s the most amazing thing of Windows XP CD. In this way, you can get the Windows XP CD key into your Windows XP CD. The people who are not wish to buy XP or the people who lost the serial key of Windows XP CD, can find the Windows XP CD key in this way.
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