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Best 20 Hg PR Forums to Increase Backlinks

It’s very hot issue execute, everyone is speaking about backlinks, some bloggers ask that how to create backlinks? Some asks that how to choose high PR or maybe DoFollow backlinks, so i feel necessary to give you tutorial about backlinks.
Basically backlinks mean how much relation you include with other web pages, mean to say that on the internet with how much websites your blog is linked, for anyone who is linked with higher PR website in that case your Alexa rank will increase, generally there are two forms of backlinks
Dofollow Backlinks:

 Dofollow backlinks mean that website you make a link is a  unique website that relate traffic toward your blog and relates to your blog closely and google crawler with this website will crawl this link also and understand that this site is related to your site, generally people employed dofollow tag but you don't have to use that because link that are created will consider Dofollow.

Nofollow Backlinks:

Nofollow backlinks mean don’t follow website of link you created, you can use no follow tag like this,

Your anchor text here.
So here is the list of Top 10 Dofollow Forums that can help you to increase you backlinks as well as Alexa ranks.

1. V7nForumAlexa Rank= 4824

2. Siteowners ForumAlexa Rank= 30633

3.   Joomla ForumAlexa Rank= 550

4. Search engine watch ForumAlexa Rank= 1468

5. CNET ForumAlexa Rank= 109

6. Mysql ForumAlexa Rank= 1420

7. Digital point ForumAlexa Rank= 810

8. Affiliate Marketing ForumAlexa Rank= 64173

9. Site Point ForumAlexa Rank= 1491

10. Warrior forumAlexa Rank=  239
11. WebHostingTalkAlexa Rank: 1367

12.  DeviantartAlexa Rank= 137

DoFollowDomain Name Forums:

13. File Sharing ForumAlexa Rank: 49754

14. Free Advertising Forum
Alexa Rank: 85324

15. Geek Village ForumAlexa Rank: 89454

16. HTML ForumAlexa Rank: 22824

17. MyGame Builder ForumAlexa Rank: 450,055

18. PhpBB ForumAlexa Rank: 9190

19. Search Engine Roundtable
Alexa Rank: 2729

20. SEO ForumAlexa Rank: 307,795

So these are the Top 10 High PR as well as high alexa forums that can bring a lot of traffic and backlinks to your blog. All of to do is simply sign up to these forums and add your blog link in posting any question or answering any question. The much you play with these forums the more backlinks you can build. So start rolling your fingers on these forums till then Peace, Blessings and Happy linking.

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