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Download Fastest Internet Explorer 10 Version Browser For Free

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Now Microsoft is finally rolling out internet Explorer 10 for the users with the windows 7 installed on their pc/laptops
This is a large user based, as Microsoft claims there are over 700 million users still using windows 7 as their operating system of choice .

How many of those are still using Internet Explorer as their browser ?
According to statcounter .just under 30% of internet users are using IE. and

Now microsoft claims that internet explorer gives a real world speed increase of 20% over f Older version of internet explore 9 ,which is certainly no small difference .

Microsoft also cites studies that show that internet Explorer 10 is the more faster browser available on windows. Even with the speed increases .

Microsoft also shows the evidence  that internet explorer 9 is the second fastest browser .edging out Firefox version 15.

However just like the windows 8 version of internet explorer 10,The windows 7 has a major focus on Html 5 .
This seems to be like a smart move .as it's clear that html 5 is taking over the web ,and Microsoft has tools in place to web developers make the most of it .

Internet explorer on windows 7 also comes with the feature like Do Not Track (DNT)feature for user concerned with privacy .By default it is on ,but users can go to options and turn the DNT signal off if they prefer

Now windows explorer 10 is available for Download now directly from microsoft with the improvements to speed and security ,so if you want to use Internet Explorer 10 you can downalad the browser for free from the offcial microsoft website
                                                                      Click here to downlaod I E 10
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