Real Seo and Facebook Secretes Revealed

How To Know Your pending Friend Requests On Facebook Tricks And Secretes

This is amazing  facebook trick  and secrete , i found   and i tried this trick  too. and its working for me and . Now its your turn to try this amazing trick  .
And I hope you will enjoy this trick  and this is very simple trick to try this trick on your own , and it  works on the basis of application . i.e facebook application .
Lets fallow the below simple steps to try this  cool trick step by step :

1. Login to your facebook account using your username and password.

2.Open or click this link Click Here

After clicking  on the above link now you can see a window like below image

windows 7 tricks and tips ,notepad funny tricks and tips,seo step by step  instructions

3.Click "Bulk Load"

Now we have to do three things mainly it is very simple dont think it is hard just do the below simple steps

 Here in below image you can find 3  steps  indicating in "Red color "

 Click on" Get Friend request Data "

windows 7 tricks and tips ,notepad funny tricks ,40tricks
 After click on that , a small  popup window will open with small code .and just copy that code with     your   mouse or with your keyboard shortcut  "Ctrl+A"

 Next just paste that code in    below blank space  using your mouse option or using shortcut  "Ctrl+v "  And then simply click on the "Load Friend Request Option "
 And it will take 3 seconds to get your friend request list

4.Click "Allow Button" and this application will Read only your pending Friend request Data.
windows 7 tricks and tips,notepad funny tricks and tips,seo step by step insturunctions

5.Application will give a list of Pending friend requests as shown above image ,and
  you can click on cancel button  to cancel your
  pending friend requests.

  Thats it you done and i hope you like this post and if you like this post please comment below and share this post on social networks  ....Thank you ...!

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