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Submit Your Website URL To 10 directories within 1 minute

 Now i am going to share with you Tips for seo optimization .regarding web directories submittion .
and most of the bloggers will dont have more patiency why  Because...?  The reason is submitting of  your website to directories is most diffuclt thing ,and it requires lot's  patiency  for every blogger .But If you need more traffic to your niche you  need to submit your site to different forums and website That to  " Top page rank forums & and websites" for better ranking of your website in the google .
Scrub The Web This is the site with full of seo optimazation Tools for you .You can visit this site by following link go to "www.scrub the"  . This is the directory web site and it consists of  6  of seo Tools like

First you need to Visit and then fallow the below instructions step by step .

seo step by step instructions 40tricks
   1.  Free SEO Tools

  2.  Website SEO Tools

  3.  Free Meta Tag Builder

   4. Free Meta Tag Analyzer

   5. Free Website Software (SEO)

   6. Free Easy Submit!

 From the above  6 Tools.Those who want to submit their site to Different directories .they can choose the "Free Easy Submit" tool .
 When you Choose  using  " Free Easy Submit"  first it will ask you to enter the following details as shown below  Before going to use this Free Easy submit  Tool . I will divide the whole procedure into four steps for better understanding .
STEP 1:-

  Site owner  information
1.Owners  First name and Last name .
2.Owners Email Id(Give your active email address it will send you an activation link for confirmation)

   Page Information
1.Web page URL .
2.Page Title .
3.Description of your website .
4.Keywords of your website .
For clear understanding see below snap shot .

After  filling your site details  click on continue button and now proceed with 2ND  step.

In step2   it will show you to confirm that whether you enter the correct details of your sites details and owners  details  that you have given in first step1.

seo step by step instructions ,40tricks

Just verify sites owners information.and then  just continue to proceed to next step 1.e 3rd step .
STEP 3:-

In Step3  there is  nothing to do .just check and uncheck in which directories you want to submit your website URL  from total 10 directories . and after choosing your option just click on continue button to proceed step4.

seo step by step instructions,40tricks


If you observe clearly in 4th step you will notice that there is “ EASY SUBMIT STEP 4 0F 4”
SUBMISSION OF  1 0f 10  next  It indicate EASY SUBMIT tool submiting your Website to directories one after  other  so click next  button  until  10 of 10 SUBMISSIONS. For clear understanding see below  image.

seo step by step instructions ,40tricks

In Final step it will show you .To how many directories it submitted your URL of your website.As shown below img
seo step by step instructions, 40tricks

That’s it your  done within one minute you submitted your website to 10 directories.
If you have any doubts regardding this post please comment below . Thank you..!

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