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What is the Riot Points Generator?

The Riot Points Generator generates Riot Points which you can then redeem in your Account, duh! Riot Games’ System of Gift Card creation is rather dumb and can be easily manipulated. In fact it’s just an easy Algorithm which they use to create their Codes. They aren’t even online stored or verificated. That way it’s sure easy as hell for people to generate codes. The Riot Points Generator was something I coded out of boredom. Once I purchased a few Points to see how the Codes are built up it was a fairly easy route getting there.

Can the working Riot Points Generator be fixed?

Yes. Pretty easily even. But I doubt Riot Games are willing to fix this as of now, because they do not know how to. Yes, it might sound harsh, but their Code creation setup is a joke. As of now the Riot Points Generator works, and that is all you should care about. If the Riot Points Generator will ever be fixed I’ll try to crack it again. Hopefully they put more effort into it the next time. :)

Is my Account safe?

Well, there is always a risk when using Code Creators. The Riot Points Creator is no different. Rest assured I did everything to check if Riot does have what it takes to trace down hackers. And at this point I don’t think so. Then again, I’m not a Riot Employee, so I can’t be 100% sure. If you are scared you may want to use a new Account with the Codes! With that being said, I’m using my Riot Point Generator for about a year now, without any problem. I’m not using it that much though, because I’m not a super League of Legends fan, lol. I have shared this one in private to my friends though, and some of them are League of Legends addicts. They used my Program to create League of Legends Points daily without a problem. So yes, you should be very safe.

What steps are needed / How does the Creator work?

Easy. Just start up the Real Hacks Riot Points Generator, and choose the amount of points you want. Some options might not work, and I might have disabled them, to keep myself saved from all the questions from people asking why this and that isn’t working. As of now there is no Verification Code added to my Bot, so you may use the Tool as many times as you want. Once you clicked Generate, the Riot Points Generator will create your Gift Card Code, and that’s it. You then log in to your League of Legends or whatever and click on “Redeem Gift Card” (this varies from game to game!). Enter the Code the Program gave you, and enjoy!

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