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What is the Amazon Gift Card Generator 

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The Amazon Gift Card Generator (now known as Amazon Gift Card Balance Adder) creates unique Amazon Gift Cards for you. Well, at least this is how it used to work. Now it instead adds money directly into your Account. Please keep away from asking me how. I don’t even care what kind of a Coder you are. I don’t care how good you are. I don’t care who your daddy is. This is my manipulation Algorithm, and I sure as hell are not going to sell it.

Why did the Amazon Gift Card Generator had to change its behavior?

Well. My old Program used to create ordinary Amazon Gift Cards. It created them, and you had to manually redeem them with your Account. The Program was private at that point, but shared to a wider amount of people. I assume people have been re-sharing my Amazon Gift Card Generator. Stupid me I didn’t built in some sort of protection. Shortly after my Version 2.5.0 (I planned to make a public release soon after that version) Amazon change the Game and rendered my Program useless. The Amazon Gift Cards didn’t work anymore. I assume Amazon saw my Program was just about to go public, and immediately chose to react. To that date only a few people had access to the Program. I assume it wasn’t worth Amazon the trouble of fixing it.

How was the problem fixed?

Without going too much into detail here: The Program got renamed and instead of it creating a Gift Card it now adds Money directly into the Account via Server Injection. These kinds of Injection are very safe, but the enemy Server needs to have a lot of traffic, for it to be untraceable. Lucky us Amazon has hundreds of thousands of visitors on their servers at any given minute. You could basically add thousands of $ into your Account, without the fear of getting caught. But if you don’t believe me and still have worries I suggest you to create a brand new Amazon Account. That way your Main Account is not associated with you, and you are good to go.

Will the Amazon Gift Card Generator die eventually?

As of now I do not think Amazon is capable of fixing my Injection. That’s mainly because the Amazon Servers are so packed with visitors, they do not have any Idea, which request is a normal browsing user, and which request is a Injection. Just think of a needle in a huge, huge, huge, huuuuuuuuge haystack. Impossible to find. So if you ask me “Is the Amazon Gift Card Generator fixable?” I’d answer “No, the Amazon Gift Card Generator is most likely not to be fixed”. There is one thing you would have to know though. I am not an Amazon employee, and I do not know how Gift Card redeems are being checked. As of now I assume, that they are not checked at all, because why would they? But, I’m relatively sure, that redeems are being logged. That means, that if you add yourself thousands of $ every day, and if some Amazon employee should happen to stumble upon your Account, you might have raised a flag there. That is why I introduced the Amazon Gift Card Generator Verification Code. The Code only allows you to use the Program 3 times a day. You may add as much Money as you want, but only 3 times a day. The Code itself is unique created for each user, and of course free. Once you start the Program you are being given the open to create your Code.

And now, have fun with my Amazon Gift Card Generator! Why are you even reading this?!
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