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How do you build links to a website that is not yet live

Those who are new to the Web might ask why would you want to do that. Suppose your website is 4 months to develop. If you build some links to your domain , SEO - wise you can hit the ground running when ready to go live. Imagine going live and already has 100 links indexed by Google . You have a head start .

But who wants to link to a non- web site ? Nobody , of course , except ...

So, too, with the link building. If you are not yet ready to find links of other people to link to yourself. Here are some ideas how:

Create pages on social bookmarking and social networking sites . Most of them allow links in your profile and the more friends you have and the more items you vote , the more link juice to your profile will have. LinkedIn is great for SEO . FaceBook is good. Squidoo is great ( lots of pages Set topical and network , network , network). MySpace is useless from the point of view SEO .

Submit articles to general article  directories and  how-to/expert websites . In the resource box , you can place a link . These links are almost never checked by the webmasters unless something looks suspicious. Make Yours A useful article exquisitly  useful quality article  and most places will accept it .

Send comments on DoFollow blogs. Some blogs automatically added to all comments. Some bloggers will read your comment and approve it if you add value , without looking at your website. Some bloggers will follow your link and bomb your comments . ( I just a few minutes ago , which is what inspired me to write this post . ) Ah ... But if the commentator had published a lengthy commentary which added to the discussion , it might have passed and I think most bloggers would ... although some might remove the hot link to a domain that does not work. Note that one is linked to issues.

Create blogs in other domains. You can set up blogs on Blogspot and WordPress and hundreds of smaller web sites that allow users to create blogs. many of them overlap with the above tips to set up profiles of social networks .

Buy posts. There are plenty of websites paid blog reviews , as Blogsvertise .And there are self serve paid blogging sites like LinkVana .

In fact , you can build hundreds of links before you even have a website. All you need is to  harness the power of user-generated content on other websites . However, there are some caveats .

1. It still requires work . You might not have yet the content on their own site , but you have to put quality content on other sites , and the better the quality the more links you can build .

2. It helps if your site is live . It may take 4 months to develop , but in 24 hours you can have a home page beautifully designed on- topic interim home page live on your domain. I suggest you do this.

3. This is not hoity toity SEO . This is guerrilla SEO . There is nothing wrong . There is no shady . it leaves a Bad taste it should not be like this  left , as it should not, but considering the longevity of the bonds and the gradual accumulation of the links themselves account for its success , it would be foolish not to take advantage of these opportunities to quickly position your new site web to compete with the established players .

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