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Top 10 Best Facebook Funny Tricks

This time I wanted to put all the tips and tricks Facebook in one place and make a large collection of the best of Facebook Tricks.I tried our best to include all the best tricks of Facebook in one place. If I missed any Tricks including in the post, let me know in the comments.  I will update the list of their tricks.

 Edit Facebook Login Page

 Go to The usual facebook login page
 Now clear the address  bar. ""
 And Copy The below Link and paste in the browser  and then hit Enter 

   javascript:document.body.contentEditable'true':document.designmode='on'void 0

Make sure that javascript: must present at the beginning of the code or elese  this wont worrk.
Then hit Enter
Once you have completed above step you can easily edit all the contents of the Facebook login page

                                                                                               image credits

Select any text and hit on Backspace . The text will be deleted .

Watch Streaming TV Live on Facebook

There is a facebook application that provides free live TV channels on Facebook. You can watch a lot of international channels with the help of this application  I can watch live TV without buffering on my connection 2G  This application is completely free  2012 Olympic are also broadcast on this channel .

 Application Used : Click Here

Send SMS with Facebook

Yes, you're right , you can now send sms from Facebook. There's no country restrictions . You can send SMS to any country . Messaging is instant only takes a few seconds to get to your destination . All this is possible with a cool application facebook.

  Log in to your Facebook account.
  Click Here For  Facebook chat application
Select a country
Then in the next line, Enter the mobile phone number you want to send sms
After that, Enter the text that you want to sendli


You can only send sms to 100 characters.
You can only 4 sms per day
Do not do any illegal things with this service, as it will be the first display your name at the beginning of the message

Create a video from your photos on Facebook

You can easily create videos from your photos facebook To create a video with your Facebook photos go to [ click here ]

Delete Facebook Account Permanently

 Most of them are confused between remove or disable their facebook accounts Disabling completely different from deleting your account permanently, to avoid confusion , simply follow the link below to delete your account facebook .

How to remove Facebook Permanently

Trick, a link to download facebook album :
Follow this link to learn how to download facebook photos in one click

The trick to see who is online when you're not online

Sometimes you need to check who is online, that being offline. At such moments, there is a very cool facebook app whicn you can make your job easy . Use according to your needs to know who is online offline

Trick publish an empty status

Sign in to your account facebook. Then tap the status updates and enter the following code and press
     @ [ 2:2 ]

How to find who deleted / unfriended you on Facebook?

 You can find out who deleted or not having friends you on Facebook using an application called that remove me [ click here ]

This application will create a backup of all your friends list when you enter the first time, and notifies by email whenever there is a change in your friends list .

Download free video from Facebook

Download videos from Facebook go to [ click Here]
There put facebook video address and your video is ready Donwload

Place Facebook Chat on Firefox Sidebar

Open Mozilla Firefox browser and press  ALT Key
Select a bookmark and select "Show all Bookmarks"
Window opens with this, select Unsorted Bookmarks to organize a new bookmark
Opyatokno open this type facebookchat in the first field and type " in the second box .
click on the Load tab > strange
Now again press ALT key > View> Sidebar > Bookmarks >
Then select the facebook chat from bookmarks in the scrollbar
You done.Now you can see the chat bar on the left side of your browser, Mozilla Fire Fox

Post Your Status in  all Facebook groups in one click 

 Some times you want to post your status message or write in all groups. if you do the work manually , it frustarting consuming process and you end up in a state away from only a few groups but now your work has become very easy . There is a facebook application with which you can post your status in any number of groups that you want.

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