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Tips for seo optimization For Beginners

 Now i am going to tell you about few important Tips for seo optimization .These tips are very important for every blogger to  optimize their blog .


step by step seo instructionrs,funny notepad tricks,40trickswindows tricks,tricks for mobile,free money,tips and tricks for computer,Tips for seo optimization  Write your own content that should be very clear and understandable for your website visitors and update regularly by posting atleast one post per a day

2  Showcase coverage

 It is important to show your updated content in your website for better pageviews as it provides a source for updated content.In order to show your daily updates content on your website. you can use blogger  widgets that are  freely available in blogger widgets  like "Recent  posts" and those  who wants the some professional widgets they can search in google.

3 Keywords

  For Better search engine optimization  your website should contain "Right keywords" in order to choose better keyword for your niche. use tools such as Google analytics to choose which keyword phrase result in the most goal conversion.
4 Phrases

  Becarefull and stary away from one or two-word key phrases .Select a niche key phrase with low competition.

5 Keyword Ratio

Use your keywords  minimum upto 5 keywords and maximum upto 10 keywords and Your keyword density ratio should be about 3% that to based on your content of your website content  and also inlcude your keywords in your content which is related to it .

6 Text Styling

 while when your including your keyword in a particular post please Use bullet points and italicize or bold     Font for your keywords.


Everyone who owns a blog will use images for indication to a particular post. but some of them dont know how to use this images for better search engine optimization.ues  keywords in the title and alt tag of the images you re including .

8 Video Tag 

Most of the bloggers they dont embed any videos in their blog why because copyright issues . and also the website loading speed will be  very low. If youre embeding any videos in your niche Tag viedos with the prorper keywords to rank higher .

9 Hyperlinks

In order to get more pageview for your niche use your keywords in your post with help of hyperlink (your keyword link to another page that is related to your keyword

10 Analytics

And Conduct regular analysis via google analytics and other search engines like *Bing ,*Yahoo .

In order to get higher ranking in google you need to follow these simple above 10 tips for better ranking in google

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