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Microsoft offers 'visual statistics' of all its products and services in the form of a Start screen

Microsoft has launched a brand new web site "Microsoft By the Number" that offers the visitors a new  approach of showcasing all the company's product and services statistics in one visually appealing manner.
 actually the web site is intended as an oversized start screen .

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In this web site you can cross-check by clicking the source link below product and services are listed in live tile format a bit like an windows eight interface look.We learn that microsoft's windows 8 software system has sold-out one hundred million
licenses,which could be Associate in Nursing recent data point by currently. we have a tendency to also learn that bing tools seventeen.86% of the u.s search market share which the windows sotre has seen 250 million app downloads from users.

 It will seem that a number of these stats are and need and wish to be fresh.Microsoft is additionally apparently using data from different sources,such as " netmarketshare" to brag statistically a few product or service. At all-time low of the wbesite there's a link to transfer all the stats in PDF format .

This offers readers a 2 paged PDF file that outlines all of the stats. if you're intrested in searching for the new "microsoft by the numbers " visual stats websit,click supply link below

Link: Microsoft by the thnumbers

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