Real Seo and Facebook Secretes Revealed

Facebook Auto Poster with schedular

Facebook Poster and Scheduler 2.5         

1. Private facebook message sending, group posting, group searching and joining, wall post, page posting, post likes, comment likes, users searching, friend request sending, posts searching and commenting

2. Easy manager multiple facebook accounts. You do not need relogin within 60 days (this is maximum time facebook allow)

3. Scheduler Manager. Without click, simple create scheduler for your post. You can also setting for program launch on startup. Get daily visitors without click or open program again.

4. Facebook App Manager. FPS offering default facebook app for users. If you do not want, you can create a facebook app and setting for FPS running though it. This will make safer for your accounts added to program. You have full control program.

5. It is a portable program, the tool really compact and save memory resource for your PC.

6. Very SAFE for your accounts. Does not same as another program, FPS using your facebook app to running, nobody can access your accounts or post spam message to your accounts.


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