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Top 10 Excellent Google Tricks One Should Know

Today i gonna post Top Google tricks that very few might know.These tricks are very useful for all internet users.By applying these tricks your searching gets Very easy,Advanced,Accurate.I've searched for this post in many of the sites and finally got for my blog visitors.These are the main and basic tricks that one should know.I'll list the tricks below just read once.

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Get the definition of any word by just typing the "define" followed by the word that you wish to search.For example: If you want the definition of incredible just type "define incredible" without the quotes.Would directly the displays its defination

Local search  (Near by Hotels,Restaurants,etc) :

First visit Google Local and type your area you want to search and keyword that you wist to find.Just as by typing the Restaurants displays the near by hotels in your place.

Mobile Number Lookup:

Enter your full phone number followed by your code to get full details associated agent to that phone number.

Weather and Movies information:

You can find the Weather and Movies report respect to your zip code.Just type "weather" or "movies" followed by your zip code to get current weather or movies information.For example by typing "weather 500045" displays the current and next four days weather report of Hyderabad.By typing the "movies 500045" displays the current movies information in Hyderabad.

Track Flights and Packages:

If you enter Airline and Flight number displays the status of the flight and its arrival time.For example if you type "kingfisher 1253" displays flight status and information if available.

Google can also track your orders of  popular Couriers like UPS,FedEX or USPS.

Translate Tools:

You can translate your text,a full webpage using Google translate tools

Page links:

You can see the back links connected to you by typing you full websites such as

Get PDF links only:

In google to can filter web pages by file type.For example if you want to display only PDF files you can do that by typing "dell xps" fileType:pdf.This is the best way to find accurate files.

Calculator :

You can use google as calculator by typing your maths problem in search bar.For example if  you type 100+400,it would display result as 500.

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