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Instagram Launches 15-Second Video Sharing Feature

Instagram, the last year of a $ 1 billion deal to buy Facebook, the immensely popular photo-sharing application, it is not just for photos.

best funny notepad tricks ,40tricks,windows 7 tricks and tips Facebook's Menlo Park headquarters at a press conference, Instagram's co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom, simply, and 'Instagram on the video.' A new feature is that the public service was the share of 15 - the second allows you to create videos its an amazing thing for us.  Editing capabilities, as well as to create a common feature, especially for the video, with 13 new filters.

'We know what the  photos is , we just made the video,' Systrom said.

This feature, which is rolling today, iOS and Android users all the Instagram, Instagram's current away due to the large number of people will be affected. Systrom Instagram photos of 16 billion to 130 million monthly users, has said today. Engaged in the application: 1 billion "likes" are added to the service every day.

This is from this week confirms our scoop, and also fill the gap, with the aim of attaining a number of new start "for the video Instagram" puts an end to the years-long search - Instagram Instagram is for the video, very literally. From the point of view of the applications, the adoption of mobile video market, as well as to the exact winner, so it will be interesting to see taken with the principal.

In fact, the last year of the wine with its own short-form video sharing application, Twitter, Facebook enlisting against the more it can only be a positive move. Wine in the morning to announce the new features of this board, went to the crime.

Instagram offered wine as opposed to a six-second videos 15 second time frame, in response to a question why he chose to, Systrom 15 seconds, "an artistic choice, and " he said, and that he does not necessarily have a better than this other. Its  Moments choosing., It just feels right.

This service is the first big change is primarily about three years ago from Instagram. Video Instagram Systrom said that in the past could be in the future, but that adds to the challenges presented by the video photos. Apps have a photo-sharing and video sharing applications, as well as why the edge would lie in an interview last fall, Systrom said. He said: "I think it is time for the video data, and it is the combination of speed limits. Videos good very difficult medium, and also quickly consume a moderately difficult."

Perhaps, Facebook is a part of the resources of a company that rises to the challenges of the video Instagram finally led to the construction of a feature. Q & A session after the beginning of the video Instagram Systrom video server and infrastructure engineering from the viewpoint of adding a 'major feat,' he  said.

Instagram here at work on the video of the video:

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