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Acess any website or Forum Without Registering

For every blogger to get  high page rank and high taffic to their blogg they must have good backlinks first fall . if their blog have good backlinks with high pagerank forums, and websites , surely  there  blog will  get good traffic and as well as high page rank . so  in order to achieve this first fall we need to register in forums and website contains domain names like .org ,edu . 

For every forum there will be registeration procedure and some forums contains to many details to be filled whereas some forums contains very less fields to fill up . so here our time will be not be wasted if Forum contains few registration fields. whereas in case of  Few forums registration form contains too many fields to be filled up , so many of them  will not show any intrest to register with that type  forum or website this is the truth fact  .So Now i am going to tell you how to make it possible for easy accessing of particular website or forums  services without registering.

First fall visit any forum or website to find something  usefull content or suppose you want to make backlink with that particular forum  so they will ask you to register .Every time a forum asks you to  register  you will simply close the site everyone would probably do the same but this time lets face it.
First grabn the add-on for firefox called user agent click here and install  it .and then fallow the below simple steps

1) Now go to your browser Tools options >>User agent switcher>>options and then again to options.

40tricks,best notepad tricks funny

Choose user agent from the left sidebar and click add.

2) And next in the description field type:
and as well as in user agent field type:
as show in the below screen shot

40tricks,best notepad tricks

and Select Google bot as your user script by going to Tools>user agent switcher.
best notepad tricks,40tricks

Now browser any website or forum without registerring .Alternatively you can also check out BugMeNot it is a free online service where people share login inforamtion of thousands of website and forums .

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